We are constantly searching for new options to use the renewable energy. A study by the Lappeenranta University of Technology states that by 2013, South Africa can be shifted toward a completely renewable electricity system.

Wouldn’t that be a great achievement?

100% Renewable Electricity System for South America

Let’s see what the study has to say about it. Professor Christian Breyer says, “South America has a distinctive renewable energy resource base as Patagonia is one of the best wind sites globally. Atacama Desert best suits for solar energy. Hydropower is been used in ample amounts. Thus, these factors make South America as the most favorable regions worldwide to be converted to a 100% renewable energy system.”

The study estimated new carbon storage and its capture, and nuclear to be 75–150% higher in cost than the 100% renewable sources. The total established magnitude of renewable electricity in the completely renewable system comprises solar photovoltaics 415 gigawatts, water dams 144 gigawatts, hydro run-of-river 39 gigawatts, biogas 17 gigawatts, biomass 4 gigawatts, and wind power 69 gigawatts. The ample amount of the wind and solar power as well as the huge capacity of water dams makes it easy for South America to store energy. Water dams are a good option as a battery for storage of wind and solar, stabilizing the need and generation during the lack of the wind or solar energy. Whereas in the rest of the world, this would demand the conversion of generated electricity to gases—synthetic natural gas and hydrogen—and converting them back to power, a power-to-gas technology.

So, what do you think about this 100% renewable electricity system? Feel free to share your thoughts.