With every other software and apps getting upgraded, now even Microsoft’s Windows 10 system is added to the list and will be soon reaching the businesses and consumers with a major update on April 11. The update will be providing various features such as game-broadcasting capabilities, 3-D drawing tools, and better methods of managing web browsing.

So, let’s have a look at what it will provide the user with.

Doodling, Game Tools, and 3-D Now With the Windows Update

Website Clutter

We search a lot throughout the day and having many sites open at a single moment can prove to be cumbersome. Now, with the Edge browser of Windows 10, a user can put aside website using the small icon present on the upper left corner. And can also restore them later whenever needed.

Digital Doodles

There are few more thing the user can do with the update for Microsoft’s Photos and Maps.

In Photos, now the user can draw with a virtual marker on videos and photos and even share the same with their friends. For instance, if you have to drive the attention to a specific person, you can just circle them in the photo.

For maps, the users can mark a precise location in a park to meet their friends. Apart from this, the user can also estimate the distance of the route they are tracing, they user just needs to click the icon for “measure distance.”

IN 3-D

Paint will be gaining a significant update. Now, it would be possible for the users to generate pictures in 3-D. The 3-D pictures produced via paint will be well-suited with printing services and 3-D printers.


A computer is optimized for gaming via a game mode. Other tasks can still function in the background but will not use as much of the system resources. The game mode is set by default as “On;” however, it can be turned “Off” via the new central position for system-wide game settings.


Microsoft says it will offer all users the facility to list a time or postpone updates for 3 days, which simply means the user can circumvent updates forever, but only gives you the option of when to update them.

What do you think about the update and the added features?