An Uber driver was shot recently after picking up 2 passengers from their place at San Francisco International airport. The lady driver was driving her car westbound next to the Interstate 380 in San Bruno at that very moment gunshots were fired at around 11.12pm on Sunday, as confirmed by the California Highway Patrol (CHP).

The female driver was shot in her neck and her Toyota Camry was completely crashed which was just east of the El Camino Real way out as per the local media report. She was immediately taken to the near hospital where her wounds were described as not completely life-threatening. The passengers were not wounded in the accident or shooting.

Female Uber Driver Shot After Picking Up Two Riders In The US

An additional car was shot several times but the passengers inside ran away much prior to the highway patrol came up. CHP Officer Vu Williams stated that they were doing a serious investigation related to the shooting. It is noted that it is the 2nd shooting of an Uber cab driver in the time span of 2 weeks in the Bay region. The two passengers and An Uber driver had to be immediately taken to the near clinic when they were shot in a besieged attack’ alongside with the expressway 880 located at Oakland.

CHP officers came at the spot at around 4.10 am with the subsequent reports of shooting in the southbound roads near 23rd avenue. The people were travelling down home when the shooters started firing. It is still not known why they were randomly shot even though the driver is not the actual target. Police closed westbound 380 for almost six hours during the survey. Police say the transgression spot stretched almost a mile long. At this point of time they have not given out any kind of information about the main suspect.