Indigestion is a problem that affects a number of people and while there are medicinal ways to garner relief, there are steps that people can take to fight it off.

According to experts, you should take a nap after every meal to soothe your digestive system and while taking a nap ensure that you sleep on the left side first for some time and then relax for 10 minutes before rushing for work.

Experts recommend that you should have meals, including spicy or warm food, with activation of right nostril. Doing so will help in controlling excessive body acids generated due to food, which is helpful for digestion process.

Another recommendation is to have sweet or cold or frozen food dishes during activation of left nostril as it will help in harmonising the body fluids without disrupting the body temperature.

Sleeping on the left side at night is good for digestion and, hence, for overall health. Experts also recommend sitting in the Padmasana pose for 10 minutes in morning and concentrate on the Swadisthan Chakra around navel. Do deep breathing through right nostril for 15 times as it will help in streamlining the digestion flow.

Drink water from copper vessel as it helps your body maintain its temperature according to outside weather, thus helping one to feel rejuvenated and energetic throughout the day.

One can practise this application daily after having lunch and dinner: Lie down straight on plain surface and breathe in normal breathing pattern for eight times, then turn around to right side and breathe for 16 times and then to left side and breathe for 32 times.

This application helps to make your digestive system stronger and spread out the food particles evenly throughout the system.