Acquisitions were mostly carried between the Silicon Valley companies. But now Indian startups have come under the limelight due to their strong product development and concepts.

Freshdesk Acquired Bangalore-Based Pipemonk

Freshdesk, a customer support software company based in California, officially declared that it has acquired Pipemonk—a data integration startup based in Bangalore, India. The deal amount wasn’t disclosed by the officials.
Pipemonk assists companies to migrate its data between the cloud platforms. The company was started as Zapstitch in 2014 after seed funding of $2 Million by Helion Venture Partners. It provides support to the CRM, E-commerce, and helps desk service application. The company simplified the data integration process, which is one of the complex tasks to perform. It made the system so easy to operate that even a non-technical person can configure the integration in small of amount of time.
Freshdesk was initially started in 2010 with cloud-based customer service platform. Later, the company expanded its product range that included CRM, live chat, IT support desk, testimonials, and app chat. Till date company has raised $150 Million for its launch and expansion.
Freshdesk, which primarily deals with customer service software, will reap the benefits of this acquisition by using Pipemonk’s technology. Pipemonk will deliver Freshdesk a simple method to automate the data flow integrated with relevant services.
It has been said that all the 13 employees of Pipemonk will be teamed up with Freshdesk, which would allow the acquirer to onboard an in-house data integration team.
This acquisition would definitely ease the data flow system and simplify the business data for better understanding.