It’s completely over or did it ever start on in the first position? Karan Johar’s acquaintance or friendship with Salman Khan appeared to be fated from the beginning. Salman Khan had made a guest appearance in Karan Johar’s directorial movie debut called as – Kuch Kuch HotaHai. But subsequently, as Karan Johar propinquity with Shah Rukh Khan became perceptible to the whole world, Salman Khan involuntarily gravitated away from every stuffs ‘Karan Johar’.

Karan Johar Refused To Launch Salman's Kin Aayush In Films: Report

For several years, the two ensured that they never crossed paths. But in current time, Karan Johar was seen solemnly wooing the super star Salman Khan. Around two years ago Karan Johar offered Salman Khan the upcoming sensational film called as Shuddhi on the star’s terms. While Karan Johar crossed his fingers and patiently waited for Salman Khan’s knod to the project, the superstar just procrastinates. Salman never had any purpose of doing Shuddhi. He just kept Karan Johar hanging on for God knows which reason. But when he was in the company of his friends, he made it very clear and also told politely, that he would never wish to work with Karan Johar.

Later the publication about Karan Johar and Salman Khan getting back together with Akshay Kumar for the chronological clash Of Saragarhi. This time the outlook of Karan Johar getting Salman Khan on board appeared to be bright as Karan Johar droop that extra enticement of debuting Ayush Salman Khan’s brother-in-law with the Dharma production. We exactly don’t know what actually happened.

But Karan Johar again backed out of his promise to debut Aayush leaving Salman Khan incensed. He right away opted out of clash of Saragarhi, which is now going to be co-produced by Karan Johar and Akshay Kumar. The one and only cause why Salman Khan agreed to come back with Karan Johar was Aayush’s debuting with him. When Karan Johar opted out of that promise, Salman Khan saw no cause to stick to his promise. This progress leaves both Salman Khan and Karan Johar relation where it had been forsaken. It is improbable that Salman Khan will ever work in his films with Dharma production again.