Have you ever heard strange noises coming from your speakers and PC? Do the level of noise rise as the load on the PC? Well, it is sometimes difficult to state weather the noise is originating from the PC or the speakers. In order to find out the actual culprit, we have a solution for you.

Knowing the Noise Problems of Speakers

There are numerous reasons to explain as to why the device is causing the noise. These reasons that cause the noise can be segmented into three basic categories:

  • Noise due to physical damage of speakers
  • Noise due to cable connection
  • Noise due to PC itself

It is very easy to guess which part of the speaker is faulty. In order to decide if the PC is faulty or the speakers, simply unplug the speakers from PC and connect it to a separate device such as MP3 player. If the noise still persists, then you have your culprit. But while doing so, keep a note that it is absolutely normal to hear buzzes and pops while connecting and disconnecting the audio jack. Hence, do not judge your speakers based on this buzzes and pops. You might end up in losing a great device. Hence, if you get other noises apart from these buzzes and pops, rule the PC out from the list of problems.

You can try this test in reverse as well. You connect a new pair of speakers to your PC. If the noise still persists, then it is PC that is causing the trouble and he is likely to blame.

Sometimes, it may be neither your OC nor your speakers. The cable connecting these two devices can be a trouble and cause the noise. Hence, you should also try replacing the cable once to check if there is any problem in it or not.

Now that you know where the problems may be found, go check your system.