More than 100 Million public turned on their televisions to watch the global event of ICC Women’s World Cup in 2017. This much of viewership was never witnessed before…! A massive response and craze for the women’s cricket was seen just like the men’s cricket. Mithali Raj said, there should be more telecast of the matches of women’s cricket, as this would create more awareness about women’s cricket.

Mithali said in an interview, “There must be more and more matches of women’s cricket telecasted on television, the visibility of women’s cricket matches has to increase only then we will be successful in creating interest amongst the audience and then only will the followership increase on women’s cricket”.

More Women’s Cricket Matches Has to Be on Screen

“Be it Test matches, ODIs, or T20, we have to play more and more matches”, said Mithali Raj. “After where we had reached in the world cup, it is very important indeed for us to keep playing matches so that we maintain that standard of our game and keep the audiences attached with women’s cricket as they were during The World Cup,” She further added. The cricket association and board members are working on this.

Mithali Raj said more publicity and awareness has to be created amongst the public whenever any two-sided series is about to take place. There has to be awareness about any upcoming international series that India decides to host. There has to be an awareness stating that an international series is about to happen and more and more people should go and watch the women’s playing on the ground. Usually, people don’t turn up to watch us playing live on the ground, stated Mithali.

“Young girls in school should also be encouraged to opt for sports activities and we should encourage them to create their own school team,” she said.

Mithali Raj also revealed that she will love to play in the World Cup 2021. But, she will be taking a call on this only after seeing her fitness between now and then. She desires to have her last applaud from the audience in the World Cup 2021. She also says, I have to maintain my performance for the next three years to step into the fourth year to play the World Cup.

Earlier this year, Mithali Raj became the leading run-scorer during the ICC Women’s World Cup 2017 that took place in England.