Prime Minister Narendra Modi plans to visit the United States this month, that is, on June 26, 2017. And the first thing PM plans on discussing with the U.S. President Donald Trump is about the H-1B visa issue. Currently, this is one of the most concerning topic in the country.

The skilled workers’ visa issue is very crucial as there are a number of trades and MNC travels the employees have to do. After Trump’s presidency, he has ordered to review the U.S. visa program for entertaining the skilled workers into the U.S. Such a change has put a number of MNCs and outsourcing companies in jeopardy as there is going to be a change made in the whole procedure.

Narendra Modi and Donald Trump

The reviewing of the H-1B visa is a big blow to most of the firms in India such as Infosys and Tata Consultancy Services, which currently handle most of the visa issues of the other firms as well. If President Trump brings about a stringent change in the visa then the Indian firms are going to be on the bad side. Thus, the Indian PM has thought about bringing the visa issue to the table first. Trump plans to increase the salary of the H-1B salary holders making it difficult for the firms to use the program and also prepare executive orders on the visa.

The ties between India and the U.S. had strengthened during the presidency of Barack Obama after which the PM plans to conduct the first meeting with Donald Trump and just extend the ties and come up with a solution for the issues.

But Trump’s interest in strengthening bonds with China and his comment on India’s trade policies, Indian functionality, and unprincipled negotiator tag has the Indian Government annoyed and drifted. “Will it hamper the relation?” is something only the future can tell. Also, Trump’s curiosity in investigating the bilateral trade deficits between India and the U.S. has got India raving over the matter. If an analysis is carried out then the bilateral trade between both the countries has doubled over the time which is excellent. It is a good sign for the U.S as the costs have cut down and also the job creation rate has increased.

The trade between both the countries has also been escalating. Hence, there is no need for the U.S. to worry about its ties with India. As put forward by the media, Trump’s presidency is going to hamper the relations between a number of countries including the U.S. itself.