Snapchat is back again in the news with the introduction of a new search feature in their Snapchat app. Snap Inc and Facebook the current rivals are constantly competing with each other by introducing some amazing features in their apps.

New Search Feature Added To Snapchat App

A recent feature is a search option which will help the user search through his or her photos or videos that have been publically posted. Snapchat, the messaging app has come up with this new feature soon after Facebook Inc had come up with the option of taking more photos and editing those using digital stickers which is considered to be similar to that of Snapchat.

Snapchat posted photos and videos are known as “Snaps” which the user adds to Our Story feature present in the Snapchat app. This machine learning technology-based feature has a new search feature added to it to help scroll the posted videos and photos. Our Story feature is similar of the Snap’s earlier Stories feature which disappears after 24 Hours of posting.

The latest update not only helps users search through the wide-range of posted public collections but also helps search events such as local cricket or basketball games and topics such as puppies. This search feature is set to be rolled out on April 7, 2017, in some of the major cities. The Snaps such as Coachella music festival, Wimbledon games, and major events are available at present on Snapchat.

Facebook Inc and Instagram’s digitally decorated photographs feature in their apps have become popular among the youths and this competition is which Snapchat has to standout too. Hence, as an answer to all this Snapchat has come again with a new feature.

According to Snapchat, the users can search about 1 Million Snaps on Snapchat using the search feature. Thus, the option makes the photos and videos more accessible. After the news about this latest feature, the Snap’s market share has reached about 1.5% whereas the Facebook shares have dropped down.

Looking at the current shower of features in the apps, there is no doubt that the big bonanza is still to come. So guys, hold on to your seat belts, looks like Snap Inc has still got something bigger to be introduced sooner or later.