Hitting back at Rahul Gandhi, Shahnawaz Hussain the BJP leader has stated that Congress vice president is “scared” of the women politician leaders in the BJP party. Women are valued mainly in the BJP party and in Uttar Pradesh, the party has highest number of women legislators, he said countering to the Congress leader’s statement telling that the BJP and the RSS distinguish in opposition to women.“Rahul Gandhi will take some time to recognize the RSS and BJP. He will have to do examine for it,” Hussain told the media. Addressing an assembly of students in Vadodara (Gujarat), Gandhi had said, “The BJP’s thoughts are that till women are quiet they are better, when they start talking up they always try to shut them up.”

Rahul Gandhi Afraid Of Smriti's Name and Female BJP Leaders: Hussain

“Their association is the RSS. How many women you will find in RSS? Have you ever noticed any woman in ‘shakhas’ meeting wearing shorts? I have by no means seen,” he has said. Hussain said the words which were used by the Congress leader Rahul Gandhi was “inopportune” and we feel he had “actually crossed all the boundaries”, adding that Rahul Gandhi was out to understand the vision of Mahatma Gandhi “to end” the Congress. The Congress leader “is frightened of BJP women leaders”, he stated. “Rahul gets frightened every time the name of Smriti Irani pops up in front of him,” the BJP spokesman stated, with regards to the Union minister who has take on the Congress leader Rahul Gandhi in Amethi for the last Lok Sabha election. Claiming that the BJP will gambol home successful in the year 2019 and Narendra Modi will obviously return to power, he also stated Congress leaders have no moment left as they “are completely busy enjoying vacation and foreign trips”.