Just after its merger with Solar City to build a factory that will be used for the production of the battery cell, now as a part of the infrastructural plan, Tesla is in plans to build world’s largest solar panel rooftop in Nevada’s Gigafactory.

Tesla to Build World’s Largest Solar Rooftop at Gigafactory
The plans weren’t disclosed by the company but were revealed by the investors while they were going through the future plans of Tesla. The document revealed that Tesla will install enormous arrays of the solar rooftop, which will be capable of generating 70 Megawatts of power.

Tesla claims that the Gigafactory will be totally electric and no fossil fuels will be utilized directly. The factory will be 100% powered by using sustainable energy sources that will be integrated with solar ground installations and solar rooftops.

The size of the solar rooftops is seven times larger than normal rooftop systems that are installed. It is strongly believed that solar rooftops to be equipped on the factory will be totally backed by SolarCity.

Tesla’s major objective is to restrict the use of non-renewable energy sources and produce majority of the power by solar installations.

The additional power generated by the panels will be stored in Tesla’s Powerpack storage batteries.

In a statement, it said that running the factory totally on the solar generated power would not only increase the efficiency but would also help to lower the carbon emissions.

The construction of this green energy facility will be completed by 2018.