How can you rest? When the automakers arecuriously busy launching their cranking, sleeky, powerful, brasher cars. Obviously they are expensive but the sparking and edgy attracts both the categorized owners; one who wish to buy it in dreams and one who have already accomplished their dreams.

One of the most dreamt car of many young dreamers is the red boggling and sharp looking car Ferrari 812 superfast. The company revealed its vehicle in last month and now looks forward to host the car as a showstopper and iconic at Geneva Auto Show.

Lightning Speed Ferrari 812 Superfast

Geneva Auto Show has a long history in auto industry and if referred from its book of golden history, we can find many cars makers were connected since mid 90’s. Ferrari previously launched its categorized super car superfast 500 in the year 1964 at the Geneva Auto Show.

The new car by Ferrari which has a weird name, is not at all weird by its performance. Its 12 Cylinder 6.5 liter V12 engine can takes up the ride up to 211 miles per hour with a powerful output of 789 horsepower and beasty power output of 8,500 pm. To keep the car on track when it vrooms up at that high speed, a new installed feature slide slip control is added. The electric powered steering wheel gives power to nerves to handle the turns with so much huge amount of output.

Some of the features are carried forwarded from the earlier models this includes front grill, dual circular taillights, elegant alloy wheels, alloy wheels, black coated break caliper, and quad exhaust.

Focusing on interiors, it comes with its iconic combination of red with leather and refined metals. The instrument cluster gives a look of the future based designs.

It has been said that this model will be a last one that will be fuelled by gasoline, as Ferrari respects environment too and would focus on turning hybrid in coming future.