Medical devices are now getting replaced by the techno smart devices that are small in size. The size has been reduced so much that it can literally be place inside of the body.

Such similar products have been developed by the scientists.

An implantable tiny biobot releases the drug doses under the skin. The device has no attached wires or batteries, as it is activated by an external magnet. The device is 3D printed.

For now, it has been tested only on mice. But soon after the successful results and grabbing essential permissions, it can be utilized for the doses of chemo for treating the tumors.

Tiny Soft Biobot Delivers Drugs below Your Skin

A 10-day trial was conducted on the mice that had bone cancer, and the results were compared with mice that had been through typical chemotherapy treatment.

The structure of the biobot is made up of hydrogel—a jelly-like compound that makes the device soft but resistant. It has Geneva drive (gear that makes second tick). Thus, integrating these parts and after implanting the device, the drive does its work. It releases the drug dose through extremely small chambers after completion of one rotation.

In simple words, if the implantable biobot is inside your body, the doctor would simply turn the gear by using magnet externally, hence the drug is delivered.

The overall device sizes only 0.6 inches long and was created within 30 minutes of time.

The researchers said these biobots are just the beginner steps for now, but in future, we will probably meet the needs of the patients and also treat tumors.