Facebook-owned WhatsApp is the most popular social media platform. WhatsApp was in talks due to its recent upgrade related to the updating of the status. The company brought this new update, which is similar to that of Snapchat and Instagram. Well, there is bad news for those who are using WhatsApp. According to the Check Point Software Technologies, there is a flaw present that could compromise the security of the platform. This flaw is not only present in WhatsApp but also in Telegram.

Whatsapp Web Service at Risk

According to the report, the company said that WhatsApp and Telegram are at risk. Hackers can easily hack into any account and get the information of a particular user. This means that the privacy of billions of users is at risk at this very moment.

Check Point Software Technologies said that this flaw will not be made public until and unless a solution is given. The company claims to give a proper solution to the vulnerability that both the social media messaging giants are exposed to. The report provided by Check Point Software Technologies did not reveal the exact amount of users whose privacy is at risk. Playing a safe side and to keep the situation under control, the report of the company read as ‘hundreds of millions’ customers when asked about the exact number. Fortunately, the flaw that is discovered is only in the web platform and not on the iOS and Android apps. Well, users can take a breath of relief at this point for a moment.

But for those who use WhatsApp on web, you better be careful. The flaw can get sensitive data of yours by hook or by crook and you may not even know about this. So you better be careful and stop using the service on web as soon as possible. Also, be clam till a valid solution is out there.